Nisekoi (KOMI Naoshi)

Притворная любовь; ニセコイ; 伪恋; รักลวงป่วนใจ (Thai); 니세코이; False Love; Nisekoi

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Their families are currently at war because of business rivalry: the boy's family are yakuza while the girl's family are gangsters. The leaders of both groups would like to get along, because if the war is not stopped, there will surely be many casualties. The problem is that their underlings won't listen to them, so they decided on something that will make them cooperate. They want Ichijou and Kirisaki to become lovers, so that their families will come to an understanding with each other. Will the two of them become official lovers and make their families get along? Or will their families continue to fight and create many troubles along with it? 

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